Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama becomes first African-American U.S. President; Murtha re-elected

President elect Barack Obama just put the beat down on Sen. John McCain in the electoral vote count on Tuesday and can now start measuring the drapes for the White House. Soon-to-be former President George Bush can start calling the U-Haul truck, pack up all his stuff and start making his way back to the ranch in Texas. Looks like we're gonna have fried chicken, collard greens and blackeye peas at the Presidential Inaugural dinner. The American people have spoken up for change and actually made their voices heard at the polls. Demographics that traditionally have not had very good voter turnout showed up in record numbers and put Obama in the White House. Let us soak all this in and cherish the moment and pray that our country can get back on the right track. Congratulations to President elect Barack Obama!

Now, here is something else I was really excited about Tuesday night. In another article below in this blog, I mention Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and his controversial remarks made about western PA residents being "racist and redneck". CNN gave an objective report in this video:


Of course, radical right wing media outlets like FOX News jumped all over this implying this could give John McCain an advantage. See video below:


So, how dare Rep. Murtha call his constituents "racists and rednecks"! They are not really like that.....are they? Well, you make the call by watching this video of a McCain-Palin rally in Johnstown PA:


Now, after watching all this you would have thought old man Murtha would have gotten the boot, right? Well, the voters have spoken and Rep. John Murtha has been re-elected to represent the 12th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. This voting logic affirms that the residents in this area are indeed "racist and redneck" and proud of it! Congratulations to Rep. John Murtha!

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Praise God. Let's all keep him covered in prayer.