Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voting machine problems and trickery resurfacing

You would think after all the problems with hanging chads and the problems incurred with electronic voting machines in the past, the election this year would go much smoother. However, once again, various problems with voting machines are being reported in several states. See the following CNN articles for complete details:

On top of the potential issues posed by electronic machine issues, there are several reports of trick robo (phone) calls going out like ones telling likely Democratic voters that due to long lines predicted on Tuesday, November 4, that Democrats are to vote on Wednesday, November 5. There is a flyer circulating in Virginia and people in Missouri are receiving text messages making the same claims. Of course, these statements are absolutely false but cannot be traced to any particular campaign committee source. To clarify, if you decide to vote on November 4, you must already be registered and you must be in line to vote before the polls are scheduled to close in your area. If you owe child support or have outstanding parking tickets, you will NOT be arrested when you go to vote. Even if you or someone you know is a convicted felon, you may still be eligible to vote. Check the laws in your local area.

If you notice any voting irregularities or problems, please report them to your local Board of Elections. But, by all means, PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE!

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